I am interested in “why” + I believe in building relationships + I want to be inspired by you


Born in Everett, Washington, Antonio is an avid learner of new ideas and methods for solving complex design issues. As a child he loved solving puzzles and sketching new ideas, which continues to be a rewarding experience today as he tackles new creative ventures.
In 2010 he completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Design. Having worked throughout his schooling on design teams for architecture, product design, graphics, and user interaction design, Antonio feels equally at home at a design desk or on the shop floor.
As he grew up he began experimenting with different artistic mediums involving furniture, glassware, textiles, metal, Photography, and traditional art media. He now enjoys a robustly creative work and personal life, where he gets to employ both the hands-on work, which stems from his upbringing on his family’s farm, and solving complex problems of design and visual narrative.
Antonio’s personal motto is, “You should always be learning, you should never be complacent with your skillsets.”



Creating value, working as a team, seeking goals, building ideas.

Drawing, sketching, photography, motion graphics.



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